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Some of my favorite photos from 2012...

Ayers Rock in the Australian Outback
Fireworks over Sydney
Indonesian Sailboat
Cows on the walk to a surf break
Surfing at a very mellow spot, got stung 60+ times by a blue bottle just after this photo.. my nervous system went into a really painful shock.. it was worth it though.
kangaroo lookin for grub
.. and kangaroo camping
beach somewhere north of sydney
Ford Fairlane.. aka "the piece", not like trash but like weapon
"Blue Bottle Jellyfish".. they have a weak sting, and pop when you step on them
Kookaburra - australian bird that sounds like a laughing monkey
Endless beaches along the hwys
Byron Bay
Whitehaven, Au (outside of great barrier reef)
our speedy yacht that took us around the great barrier reef.
great barrier reef..
phuket, thailand sunset
a thai gondolla
you cant forget the elephant painting